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Joseph D. Gray is the Director of JD Gray Associates.  He has more than 30 years experience in
industrial engineering, product automation, materials handling and lean manufacturing
management and specializes in the following areas:
DC Operations Labor Standards Kit    Sample Case Pick
* DC Materials Handling Labor Standard Development
* Labor standards and methods for Manufacturing
* Plant layout
Short-interval-scheduling and labor reporting
* Staffing analyses
* Just-In-Time and
LMS and WMS techniques
Industrial incentive systems
* Lean Paced Assembly Lines - Line Balance - Method of Ass'y
* Automation of assembly work cells
* Pick and pack paced systems with or without robotics
* Labor standards and methods for Distribution Centers

Mr. Gray has pioneered the design and implementation of a controlled work atmosphere in
assembly and machining systems, and his designs frequently save clients 30% to 50% in labor
costs and factory space. He also has significant experience in work-in-process inventory
reduction, stockroom design and operations.  As a consultant, he has worked with more than 50
corporations, including manufacturers of steel, plastics, wood, electronic components and
assemblies, mechanical components, electro-mechanical products, pharmaceuticals, printed circuit
boards, thermo-electrics and hydraulic assemblies. In this capacity, he has:

* Interfaced programmed dispatch transporters, live storage and retrieval carousels and paced
rotary indexing machines into
cohesive networks
* Implemented TQM, JIT, S-I-S and industrial incentives with hundreds of union and non-union
* Designed and engineered production lines
* Coupled paced assembly conveyor systems with pick and
place robotic work cells
* Developed plant operations policy and direct labor controls.
* Developed a
Manufacturing Job Creation System and
Milestone Chart thru paced production lines and
work cell automation.

Mr. Gray has implemented many industrial semi-automation systems. A recognized expert in the
planning, design, line balancing, and installation of paced systems, he engineered more than 100
synchronized production lines and 1,000 finished products..Before entering the consulting
profession, Mr. Gray held positions in industry as factory automation manager with Perkin-Elmer,
general foreman with Honeywell and productivity improvement manager for Johnson and
Johnson.  He  is a graduate from Rider University with a bachelors degree in Business
*PCB Thru-Hole Components - Manual Insert, Bend & Cut - The Standards Guide

Stockroom/Warehouse Conveyor Systems and Equipment

LSRS - Manual           *LSRS - Manual with Light Assistance         

Pack and Palletize                       *Pick and Pack Systems                 *LSRS Semi-Automation Pilot

Pick Pallet Pilot      *Pick Sku to Carton or Tote Tray  *Case and Pallet LSRS Picking Systems with Robotics

Materials Handling Standards Development                         *Operations Labor Standards Kit

Equipment Proposals   

Rotary                                      *Linear                                       *Heavy Duty

Turnkey Paced Assembly Conveyor & Robotic Work Cell System

Semi-Auto Paced Assembly with In-line Robotic Filling    *Semi-Automation Industrial Engineering Proposal

*Rectangular Rotary with Robotics Drawing        *Square Rotary

*Instant Conveyor System Cost Justification - ROI Dial

Work-in-Process Materials Handling Conveyor Equipment

*Transporter                              *Transporter - Plantwide                           *Overhead Monorail

Automatic Equipment Conceptual Sketch - Plantwide

In-depth Materials Handling, Product Automation and
Direct Labor Controls Analysis

Assembly Manufacturer
Four month
plant-wide Manufacturing Modernization ROI Analysis in Stockroom,    
Fabrication and/orAssembly.  Materials Handling & Product Automation  
Mechanization Feasibility and Direct Labor Control Systems.   Industrial
Engineering Critique, Staffing, CAD Layout, Equipment Specs/RFQ/Quotes &   
Phased  Alternatives.  A Cost Reduction Master Plan with upfront ROI and
Phased Savings.  
Guaranteed First Year Payback on recommended systems installed !  
Distribution Center
Warehouse Modernization ROI Analysis Proposal                                              DC Efficiency Quiz

Cursory Materials Handling, Product Automation and
Direct Labor Controls Analysis

3-Day PCB USA                       5-Day PCB Overseas             3-Day DC USA                5-Day DC Overseas

3-Day Assemby Northeast USA                      3-Day Assembly USA                   5-Day Assembly Overseas